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2023 People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Company Goes to Otter PR


The coveted 2023 People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite Public Relations Company has been awarded to none other than Otter PR, one of the US’s leading public relations agencies. This innovative public relations firm has been turning heads across the public relations industry for its creative approach and consistently outstanding campaigns. Now, their exceptional efforts have been recognized through this distinguished honor in one of the world’s premier business awards programs — a true testament to the talent and dedication of the Otter PR team. 

Otter PR is an acclaimed, award-winning firm known for building brands and thought leaders through creative strategy and compelling storytelling. As a rapidly growing PR company, they have expanded to become one of the top 100 PR companies nationwide. Otter PR has made a name for itself by generating exceptional coverage for clients and spearheading fresh perspectives and content that gets people talking. Their work has been spotlighted across major outlets like Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many more. 

By taking home the People’s Choice Stevie® Award in the Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations category this year, Otter PR has demonstrated that their approach clearly resonates with audiences. As we explore the roots of their recognition and the latest milestone in their success story, one thing is clear — Otter PR is a top PR agency and media relations agency to watch as they continue to make an impact through innovative and results-driven public relations.

Overview of the 2023 People’s Choice Stevie® Awards and Otter PR as the best PR firm

The People’s Choice Stevie® Awards are an integral part of the coveted International Business Awards, considered the world’s premier business awards program. These prestigious honors celebrate the standout achievements and contributions of organizations across all industries on a global scale. 

Winners of the People’s Choice Stevie® Awards are determined by public vote, reflecting the brands and companies that customers and professionals hold in the highest regard. To be eligible for nomination, organizations first had to be either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Stevie® Award winner within the International Business Awards for 2023. Among the best public relations firms, Otter PR emerged as the favorite and best PR company and media relations agency among voters. 

The public voting process for selecting favorites allows individuals around the world to have a voice regarding the organizations they find most worthy of recognition. For the 2023 awards, over 96,000 votes were cast to decide the People’s Choice Stevie® Award recipients across a variety of categories. With such an immense level of public participation globally, being named a favorite company signifies enormous prestige and influence within one’s field. 

For a leading media relations agency and public relations company like Otter PR, the People’s Choice Stevie® Award marks yet another affirmation of excellence — adding to an already impressive portfolio of accolades. Even so, the importance of this specific honor should not be understated, as it reflects the genuine sentiment of consumers and colleagues within the industry.

Details on Otter PR’s big win

Otter PR has plenty of accomplishments under its belt, but taking home the 2023 People’s Choice Stevie® Award in the Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations category marks a new pinnacle for this trailblazing public relations company and media relations agency. As one of the most coveted forms of recognition in the field, Otter PR’s People’s Choice Stevie® Award win affirms the meaningful impact the firm has made through its innovative approach. It also cements Otter’s status as an undisputed favorite among consumers and professionals alike when it comes to public relations excellence.

“The acknowledgment as a People’s Choice winner in the prestigious Stevie® Awards is a testament to our team’s unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the Advertising, Marketing & PR realm,” remarked Scott Bartnick, CEO and co-founder of Otter PR, in a recent press release. “This recognition reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional service and results. We are immensely grateful for the continued support of our clients, partners, and the public, which has made this achievement possible.” 

Otter PR CMO and co-founder Jay Feldman mirrored the sentiment, stating: “We are immensely proud to be acknowledged as a People’s Choice winner in the prestigious Stevie® Awards. This accolade is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team and the trust and support of our clients and partners. We remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations industry.”

Top public relations firm: What sets Otter PR apart 

Otter PR has always focused on pushing boundaries and trailblazing new territory within the public relations sphere rather than settling for the status quo. Several essential qualities set this media relations agency and public relations company apart from competitors, empowering them to make such a significant impact. 

First and foremost, Otter PR prides itself on a commitment to world-class innovation, creativity, and excellence in everything it produces. They are constantly pioneering innovative PR strategies and out-of-the-box influencer marketing and campaigns that drive tangible results while capturing public intrigue. This penchant for the groundbreaking rather than the mundane is embedded firmly into their DNA. Not only that, but Otter PR prides itself on its impeccable crisis management and reputation management strategies.   

Additionally, Otter PR has built its reputation upon the flawless delivery of exceptional service and measurable results to every client. By taking the time to truly understand each client’s objectives and target audience, Otter’s team develops multidimensional PR plans that are thoughtfully customized rather than one-size-fits-all. This enables them to consistently secure high-profile media placements and opportunities that surpass expectations. 

Industry tastemakers and past clients alike have noticed Otter PR’s unique approach and effectiveness. They have been featured prominently across outlets like Forbes and Yahoo Finance while being named a top PR firm by authorities such as Clutch, G2, and UpCity. The People’s Choice Stevie® Award marks yet another rousing testimony from key audiences regarding Otter PR’s expertise. This diverse recognition confirms their status as a refreshing breeding ground for PR success stories.

The road ahead for Otter PR as the top public relations company

Winning the prestigious People’s Choice Stevie® Award serves as immense validation for the Otter PR team, reinforcing that their cutting-edge vision for public relations excellence resonates remarkably well with audiences. However, the media relations public affairs agency has no plans of slowing down their momentum anytime soon.

After being named a favorite by over 96,000 voters, Otter PR is as committed as ever to upholding the gold standard in innovation, creativity, and client service that led to this honor. Leveraging their signature out-of-the-box perspective, they will continue pioneering inventive strategies that shatter limitations within the industry. Their client roster is expanding rapidly as more brands seek to benefit from their unique approach. 

Moreover, Otter PR plans to build even further upon its influence as a beloved leader that consumers and professionals hold in the highest esteem. The People’s Choice Stevie® Award is just the latest indicator that the organization has a knack for connecting with key audiences in a meaningful way. By doubling down on these efforts, Otter PR will reinforce its positioning as a prominent voice that leaves a lasting impression. 

With demand rapidly rising for their services, Otter PR is gearing up for a new phase of accelerated growth and boundless impact. If securing the public vote as a favorite company this year is any indication, we can expect monumental achievements from this trailblazing agency in the years ahead. Their ascension thus far has only scratched the surface of their game-changing potential.

What’s next for Otter PR?

Otter PR has undoubtedly given us all something to talk about within the world of public relations. Their creative ingenuity and results-focused vision have clearly captivated audiences, as evidenced by their remarkable People’s Choice Stevie® Award win. While the recognition itself is quite meritorious, what’s even more impressive is seeing the ever-broadening influence this media relations agency and PR company wields. 

As a distinctive voice that refuses to blend into the background, Otter PR seems poised to continue trailblazing into uncharted territory. If securing such a rousing public endorsement this year is any preview, we can expect more envelope-pushing initiatives and conversation-starting campaigns from them in the future. 

Otter PR has successfully embedded itself into the cultural zeitgeist of the industry thus far. And with an abundance of momentum behind them, they appear ready to soar to even greater heights going forward — pulling clients along for the viral ride.

Staking its claim as a bona fide favorite, Otter PR has solidified its status as a truly distinctive breed of agency. The public has spoken and wants to see and hear much more from this burgeoning firm in the years ahead. Otter PR has proven they have more than enough capacity to sway global audiences, and we’re eager to witness what captivating encore lies in store for this exciting and innovative firm!

January 27, 2024

Times PR Staff

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